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LeEco gives many reasons to buy its Super TVs

LeEco recently launched its range of Super3 TVs in India and the company has given five reasons why it’s TVs are better than the competition. The company has stated that not only does its superior hardware technology sets it apart, but its display and modern design also help. Further, LeEco says that its disruptive pricing and the fact that its TVs come with a two-year subscription to its content ecosystem give its TVs more value

The Super3 series from LeEco come with superior specifications.  The TV packs in a Quad-core Cortex A17 CPU, a quad-core Graphics Processor and a top-of-the line 60 fps 4K video decoder. All these help in enabling smoother playback, faster decoding & accurate computation.

The Super3 X55 and pack in a high-speed RAM of 2GB DDR3 and a high-capacity ROM of 8GB eMMC Flash  that enables HD videos, apps and games load smoothly. While Super3 X65 and Super3 Max65 offers a high-speed RAM of 3GB DDR3 and a high-capacity ROM of 16GB eMMC Flash that ensure superior performance.

The Super3 series comes with a professional MACE PRO4 image processor and the application of the MEMC dynamic image compensation technology maintains frame-to-frame coherence without image trailing.